Tips on Visiting Iceland

When we decided to go to Iceland many people asked “why”? 
Why not go somewhere warm?
What in the world is there to do in Iceland?
Let me tell you… Iceland is amazing. Natural warm swimming wholes, the most gorgeous scenery in the world, and some of the nicest people out there make Iceland a perfect destination. 
1. My number one piece of advice to someone who wants to visit Iceland.. RENT A CAR and Road trip! Don’t stay in Reykjavik(Ray-Ka-Veek) the whole time, try and see as much as you can. You will find that cars are expensive to rent in Iceland, but let me tell you.. it is worth it. Reykjavik is a really fun city, but as soon as you get out on Highway one the gorgeous scenery is never ending. I cannot even tell you how many waterfalls we saw. By about the 10th one we realized we couldn’t stop for every one of them… there’s just too many! Many homes are built just right in front of these falls. Like this one
Could you imagine that as your back yard? 
If you road trip you will also have the opportunity to see all the amazing scenery of Iceland. Like Dryholaey, Jokusarlon, the cute town of Vik, and much much more. 
2. Pack snacks. Iceland has some great food, we enjoyed all of our meals while there. The issue is when on the road, food can be hard to come by. We would go hours without seeing somewhere to eat. Generally your only option is gas station food which consists of hot dogs and ham and cheese sandwiches. 
3. Go during the Spring or Fall. While we were visiting the sun came up at 5am and set at 11pm. We didn’t have to worry about getting to our next destination before dark. We had plenty of time. Spring and Fall are also Iceland’s shoulder seasons. Not as many tourists are around, I felt like Ryan and I had the whole country to ourselves. There wasn’t one site that was packed with tourists. Although many people visit Iceland in the winter to see the northern lights, the northern lights are not guaranteed to show up. I would hesitate to plan a vacation around the northern lights only to never see them. 
4. Find Seljavallalaug. This was mine and Ryan’s favorite part of the trip. Seljavallalaug is the oldest pool in Iceland. It’s hidden back in a valley and built into the side of a mountain, without being told it was there you’d never know. It is filled with natural warm water. It’s not manned and is only cleaned once a year but the hike to it and the views from it are stunning. Make sure to find the time to search out this pool. You will not regret it. 
5. Road Trip Around the Entire Island. This is my biggest regret. Ryan and I did about half the island and went back the same way. I wish we would have gone around the entire island. There is only one road and it is conveniently named Highway 1. It takes you around the island, it makes it hard to get lost. There are so many amazing sights and I am convinced we need to go back and road trip the other half of the island we missed. 
Let me know your favorite parts of Iceland!

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