Ways to Stay Entertained on Long Flights

A long flight can get incredibly boring. Here are a few ideas to make your long flight bearable.

1. Don’t start in on anything you brought until take off. Save your book, movie, magazine, whatever it is for after you are up in the air. I know sometimes sitting on the tarmac can be forever, but if you save the entertainment you brought it will keep you satisfied longer once in the air. I have a similar rule when it comes to popcorn at movies. It drives my husband nuts, but no one is allowed to eat popcorn until the movie actually starts(no you can’t have it during previews). This way the popcorn lasts longer during the actual movie!

2. SkyMall. Have you seen that SkyMall magazine that is always in your seat back pocket? It is the most entertaining magazine ever. Have you looked through that thing? Zombie lawn art, cat potty training programs, and much more. I usually spend an hour thumbing through that and circling all my favorite items.

3. Melatonin. If you’re taking a red eye or a really long flight melatonin is a must. Melatonin is a hormone that helps you sleep. You can purchase Melatonin in a pill form at your local drug store. If you’re like me and have trouble sleeping on a airplane Melatonin can really help you fall asleep without taking one of those heavy duty sleep aids.

4. Choose the right magazine. I always make sure while I’m picking out the magazine to bring on the flight I choose something with a crossword puzzle or sudoku. This always makes your magazine entertain you for an extra 30 or so minutes.

Let me know how you keep yourself entertained on a long flight!

Happy Travels

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