Gifts for those Who Love Travel

Christmas is only TWO days away! I can’t believe it. With this great gift giving holiday coming up I thought I would share my top gifts for those who love to travel.

1. Luggage. Let me tell you… I am in CONSTANT need of new luggage. Luggage gets really beat up especially after checking it on a flight. If you want to go with a really nice piece of luggage make sure it is light weight and the wheels move 360. Also, it is always useful when luggage is any other color than black so it can be easily recognized when coming off the airplane. 
2. GoPro. GoPros are pricey, but if this is for someone extra special it’s worth it! A GoPro is a great travel camera. It has a wide angle lense and it’s nearly indestructible. You can take it with you while you do extreme sports and that includes water sports! A travel will really appreciate the versatility of this camera and the thoughtfulness of your gift!

3. Airline Gift Card. These do exist! Pick the airline that has the most flights out of your closest international airport and get them a gift card. It doesn’t have to cover the cost of an entire flight, but having money that goes towards a flight is huge!

4. SteriPEN. The SteriPEN is supposed to cleanse your water. It’s a great accessory for any traveler. When in a foreign country this could be the difference between a great trip and a terrible one.

5. Hanging Cosmetic Bag. These are essential for women. They roll up tightly and then when you get to your destination you can hang it up in the bathroom. I bought one similar to this for Vietnam, it worked great!

I hope this helps you shop for those travel lovers in your life! If there’s anything you would love to receive as a travel lover comment below!

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