Your Guide for Eating Your Way Through Pike Place Market

I am a Chicago native who moved out to the gorgeous pacific northwest. I’ve always liked Seattle, but have fallen in love with it since moving here. Even more so I’ve fallen in love with the food! Ryan and I have taken several food tours and explored on our own to the point that we have our own “Pike’s Place Food Tour” we take guests on when they come. No guide needed, follow these steps and you’ll get to taste some of the most iconic and hidden gems at Pike’s Place market!

Start at Fran’s chocolates at 1st and Union. Their chocolate is just gorgeous to look at! Almost every time I’m there they hand out a free sample of some sort. Cross your fingers for the salted carmel, it’s the best I’ve ever had. If that’s not the sample of the day consider buying a piece.

Walk across Union St. to the Vital Tea Leaf Tea Shop. Take a seat and they will pour you a free sample. They are extremely knowledgeable about tea, so if tea is your thing you may be here awhile.

Head up the hallway and you will pass stairs to Pike Brewing Company on your left. Go downstairs if you need a restroom, they don’t mind and they’re extremely clean and kept up.

Continue down the hallway until you reach a grand open room with seating and a hanging squid. walk up the ramp and take a right. On your right will be Delaurenti a big Italian deli. If your a cheese lover like myself head to the cheese counter. Tell the people behind the counter what you like and let the tasting begin. Let them know what you like and don’t like about the cheeses they have you taste. It’s a good idea to have in mind what you would like to purchase cheese for. Generally I tell them I am looking for something I can just eat with crackers. Warning: This is a place I would advise against tasting just to taste. If you know your’re not going to buy any cheese don’t taste it. With that being said if you try the cheeses and just aren’t feeling it don’t feel obligated.

Next head back out of the deli and straight in front of you you should see a long line… all in line for The Daily Dozen. Get in that line! I promise it doesn’t take long and it is worth it. Get the cinnamon sugar doughnuts. They have to be fresh in order for the cinnamon and sugar to stick so you are ensuring the freshest when you order them.

If you are facing Daily Dozen turn left and then right. You will see Pike Place Fish Co. Which is where they throw the fish. Someone must purchase a fish in order for them to throw it. Stick around for a few minutes and you’re sure to see some action. While waiting check out Simply the Best straight across from the fish co. They have free samples of their delicious healthy snacks. Be sure to taste the Okra.

Once you’ve seen the famous fish toss head towards Rachel the giant gold piggy bank, drop a few pennies in there and cross the street to Ellenos. **Quick side note. If you’d like to see the gum wall now would be the time. Before going to Ellenos there will be stairs next to Rachel. Take those down and follow the curve of the street and you will come to the all so icky gum wall.
Anyways once you reach Ellenos again you can ask to sample some of the yogurts. Let me say Ellenos yogurt is probably my favorite thing in Pike Place. Passion Fruit is AMAZING! Ryan and I usually buy a family size of the yogurt to take home and eat later.

Once full on yogurt head toward Pine Street and go into La Buona Tavola. They specialize in truffles and have excellent things to taste. I have to be careful in here because I almost always come out with my wallet a bit thinner. They are so passionate here and will tell you anything you want to know about their products. Make sure to taste their balsamic!

Continue to Pine Street and take a right and then another right into post alley. Stop in Rachels’ Ginger Beer. They have some unique Ginger Beer’s that are a blast to taste!

Head back out and take a left out of RGB and grab some soup at Pike Place Chowder. They have won several years in a row the best Clam Chowder. To the point where they are not allowed to enter it anymore since it always wins by a landslide. The line may be long here, but well worth it. I really enjoy their vegan soup! It is amazing considering there’s no cream.

Go back towards Pine street and down to 1st and go into Beecher’s. Taste the cheeses they have out for samples and then buy a small mac and cheese to taste. Their mac and cheese is well known in Seattle. It’s got a great unique flavor!

That pretty much sums up our food tour after that we just walk through the busiest part of Pikes Place to look at the shops and taste more samples. What’s you’re favorite place to eat in Pikes?

Here’s a map to help you if my directions aren’t any good. Just be aware the throwing fish are right in front of Simply the Best. It doesn’t have an accurate location on here for some reason.


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