Best Undiscovered Caribbean Islands


There are a lot of islands to choose from when planning a Caribbean getaway. I love islands where I can go to a beach and be the only one there. As the travel industry picks up this is getting more and more rare. Here is my top 3 favorite Caribbean islands that still have that undiscovered feel.

1. St. Kitts is southeast of Puerto Rico. There is an airport on the island making it easy to fly right there. If you rent a car you can drive around and visit all the gorgeous beaches. There is even a bay on the island called Shitten Bay. I don’t know the history of this bay, but there are a lot of cows there with a lot of feces, so although I did not swim in the water here I found this hysterical and a must visit!

2. Vieques is a small island just east of Puerto Rico. You can either take a ferry from Puerto Rico or take a small 6 passenger plane to Vieques. I recommend staying on the south side of the island where the water is calm and the snorkeling is best. One of the best parts of this island is the Bio Bay. The Bio Bay or Bioluminescent Bay is where a type of organism lives and causes the water to glow with any movement. It is quite the experience!

3. St. John is just east of St. Thomas. It’s a pretty wealthy island compared to most. In order to get here you can take a short ferry ride from St. Thomas. St. John has so many gorgeous beaches and some of the best snorkeling I’ve experiences in the caribbean. There’s even a beach with an underwater snorkeling tour. This beach does tend to be busier than others, but it’s worth to check out.

These are my favorite islands in the Caribbean. What are yours?

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