Visiting Vietnam as a Vegetarian


There is not a lot of information out there about visiting Vietnam as a vegetarian. When we booked our two week trip I was a little concerned about what I would have to eat. Let me tell you though, it really wasn’t a big deal! Here are my tips to eating vegetarian while in Vietnam.

1. Give Notice. If you’ve booked a tour that includes meals make sure to let them know in advance or before booking asking if they can accommodate. While in Vietnam we did a day tour to the Cu Chi Tunnels, Ha Long Bay Cruise, and even a food tour. All three tours were so kind and made sure I was well fed. Even the food tour catered a whole vegetarian food tour for me. It was wonderful!

2. Use When we were hungry but in no rush I would use TripAdvisor to find a restaurant. You can look through the reviews to see if anyone mentions the vegetarian options. We even found a vegetarian restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City we ended up trying, and it turned out to be my favorite restaurant on the whole trip!

3. Ask. We went to a highly rated restaurant that had a set course of 6 dishes. Many of the dishes were meat dishes and we knew that ahead of time. My husband still eats meat so we asked the waiter if they could do anything vegetarian. He said they could only do the 6 dishes they made, but that 4 of them were vegetarian. We decided to stay and he so graciously gave us bigger portions on the vegetarian items and only charged us half price for me since I didn’t eat the meat. I thought that was  really kind of him to do. I found every restaurant we went to could accommodate me and I really appreciated that!

I would say Vietnam is a great place to travel to as a vegetarian. I had some of the best food of my life there and would recommend it to anyone!

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