Delicious Eats in Portland


This past weekend we took a quick trip to Portland. While I do not see myself as a Portland expert I did experience excellent food while there. We didn’t have a single bad meal! Because of that I wanted to share our top favorite places we ate while there.

1. Taste Tickler. We went to Portland for a convention being held at the convention center and needed something quick to eat for lunch. The only things real close by were Red Robin and Denny’s which we weren’t in the mood for and we wanted to try something we couldn’t get at home. A gentleman suggested we go up to Broadway and 15th and we’ll find a bunch of ma and pa restaurants. So we jumped on the streetcar and rode up there. We saw Taste Tickler had good reviews, but upon seeing it we were a bit nervous. It looks a little run down by the outside. When we got closer though we saw the huge line and how packed it was inside. To me I don’t mind the wait in this case because it means it’s going to be good. They had teryaki and sandwiches. I got the veggie bento while Ryan got the potsticker/teryaki chicken combo. Both had great flavors and came out quickly despite the amount of people.

2. Grassa. Mmmm I’m craving Grassa right now. We stumbled upon Grassa after shopping at Powell’s bookstore. It looked great and had good reviews so we decided to give it a shot. Grassa’s specialty is homemade pasta. We waited in line put in our order and then found a spot to sit on the big community tables. The decor was great and the atmosphere friendly. We received our dishes and were delighted by the freshness of the ingredients. The noodles were amazing and must be due to the fact that they make them right there! We will be going back here anytime we visit Portland.

3. Lardo. While we didn’t have a full meal here we did enjoy their fries. We had a friend rave about the lardo fries so we decided to try them out. The lardo fries contain fried herbs and parmesan. The fries you could tell were not the frozen generic ones, but real fries from real potatoes!

4. Ruby Jewel. After a long day of walking we decided we needed some dessert. We saw Ruby Jewel and saw the cute decor and knew we wanted to try their ice cream. They had really fun flavors and your typical ones as well. I thought I was going to try one of there original flavors, but after the worker made me taste their cookies and cream I had to have it. I am a HUGE cookies and cream fan and this was different from any other cookies and cream ice creams I’ve had. It was extra creamy and delicious.

5. Mother’s Bistro. We went here for brunch on Sunday morning. The wait was an hour BUT they have a great feature of taking your number and texting you when your table will be up soon. Instead of sitting around at the restaurant we walked over to some shops and before we knew it our table was ready. The decor in Mother’s is gorgeous. The brunch menu is a good size. I ended up having the crunchy french toast. It was absolutely delicious! The service was great and the food came out quick despite how full it was.

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