Visiting Vieques


Vieques is easily one of my favorite islands in the Caribbean. It’s still not completely infiltrated by tourists so many beaches you’ll have all to yourself. They have wild horses, a 300 year old ceiba tree and the brightest bio-bay in the world! What more could you ask for? Here are my tips for visiting Vieques.

1. Take a plane. You get to Vieques by first flying to Puerto Rico. From there you have the option of flying by a small plane or taking a ferry. I highly recommend the plane. The ferry is an hour or two drive from San Juan an then another hour or two to the island. The plane leaves right out of San Juan and is really a short and beautiful ride to the island of Vieques.

2. Watch out for Lion Fish. We didn’t see any or have any issue, but there is an over abundance of lion fish in the area. Lion fish are deadly. Just keep an eye out when snorkeling. With that being said like I mentioned we didn’t see any so I wouldn’t worry to much about it.

3. Stay in Esperanza. There are two main towns you can stay in. Esperanza is the smaller of the two. We loved staying here. There’s less people and the restaurants are more intimate because of it. Also, because Esperanza faces the south the water is more calm and you can snorkle and swim opposed to the north shore where the waves can get big.

4. Hike to the Black Sand Beach. There is a black sand beach on Vieques that is a fun place to hike to. You have to trudge through a stream to get there, but it’s a pretty cool place once you arrive. For more information on how to find the beach check out trip advisors page on it here.

5. Don’t miss the Bio-Bay(By Kayak!). If there is any one reason to go to Vieques this is it. The bio-bay is absolutely amazing. It also won’t be around forever. The locals already say it’s not as bright as it once was. Make sure if you do go you take a tour by kayak NOT BY MOTORBOAT. The pollution of the motorboat tours is part of the reason why the bio-bay may not survive much longer. Make sure to support the companies who are doing”green” tours.

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