Visiting Australia


One of my favorite places I’ve ever traveled to has been Australia. I fell in love with the outdoors there as well as the people. Australia is one country I would recommend to anyone. They speak English, the food can satisfy any sort of diet, and it is very safe. Here are my tips for visiting Australia.

1. Don’t just go to Sydney. Sydney is my favorite city in the whole world. When visiting Australia Sydney is a must, but make sure to check out other parts of Australia as well. If you only go to Sydney you miss out on the gorgeous dessert, the thick lush forests, the great barrier reef, and so much more. You won’t even get to see a kangaroo(unless you go to the zoo).

2. Make sure to get your Scuba Diver’s License. The Great Barrier Reef is just off the coast of Australia. Visit Cairns and you can take boat out to the best parts. The things you see are unlike anywhere else in the world. I was even able to dive at night… with SHARKS! Granted they were friendly nurse sharks… still terrifying nonetheless. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

3. Swim in the swimming holes near Darwin. One of my most favorite parts of all of Australia were the great swimming holes near Darwin. Crystal clear water with big rocks to jump off of on a hot day is my idea of a fun time. Just check out TripAdvisor‘s things to do page and you will find several great swimming spots.

4. Go camping! I had the opportunity to camp both in Cairns and Darwin and it was unlike any camping experience I’ve had before. One of my fondest memories of Australia is waking up to the birds the first morning there. I remember thinking “I am not in the USA anymore”. The birds sound so different there and I’m pretty sure that first morning I woke up to a Kookaburra. In Darwin we would sit around eating dinner and we would see wild kangaroos or Wallabies! No where else in the world can you experience that!

5. Don’t be afraid to stay in Hostels. The hostels in Australia were great. I felt like they were very clean and safe, none of those horror stories you sometimes hear. Sydney especially can get expensive and staying in a hostel can save you a lot of money. The one we stayed in was nearby transportation and had a good variety of restaurants nearby. It even served a complementary basic breakfast. I wouldn’t hesitate to stay in a hostel again while in Sydney.

2 thoughts on “Visiting Australia

  1. Stephen Alvarado says:

    I agree, there is so much more to Australia than Sydney and even the Great Barrier Reef! Western Australia is soooo beautiful, especially in the Margaret River area in the southwest. Moving to Darwin soon, glad to hear there are nice places around there too. 🙂


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