Last Minute Valentines Getaways


Valentine’s Day is upon us. You and your SO have not planned a single thing. Why not surprise them with something special? Here are some ideas for that last minute getaway.

1. Road Trip. If you want to be really spontaneous go with a road trip. You can pick somewhere you’ve been meaning to see and just go! Don’t plan where you’re going to sleep or eat instead play it by ear. You never know what adventure or fond memories will be made from going completely planless. Even if it turns out bad it will be something to laugh about.

2. Camping. Camping can be very romantic. Pack up the tent, hot dogs, and marshmallows and go camping. Nothing says romance like snuggling up next to a fire under the stars.

3. Rent a Cabin. If your SO isn’t so much into camping, but you still want to sit around a fire a cabin may be the way to go. This way you can still have a comfortable bed and not have to use an outhouse.

4. A Night Downtown. If you live within a few hours drive of a city consider getting a hotel downtown. Even if you live in the suburbs it’s a completely different feel to be right in the city. You can grab a romantic fancy dinner or even grab dinner from a food truck if that’s more your style. Cities are very romantic and you can easily spoil your SO there.

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