My Must Have FREE Travel Apps


Technology can make travel a whole lot easier. I love to find apps that assist me in my adventures. There are so many out there but here are my top five favorite free travel apps.

1. Tripadvisor. This one is a given. Tripadvisor is an amazing tool to get advice, find restaurants, attractions, lodging, and so much more. We used Tripadvisor every day while traveling through Vietnam to find restaurants with good reviews. We did not have a single bad meal while in Vietnam and I chalk that up mostly to the fact that Vietnamese food is amazing, but I think Tripadvisor deserves some recognition too. The first night we were there we were nervous about finding somewhere to eat in the crazy bustling city of Saigon, but we looked at Tripadvisor and found this restaurant that we would have never noticed on our own and absolutely loved it.

2. XE Currency Exchange. I  think it’s pretty obvious why having a currency exchange app is a good idea. I personally like to use XE. They have up to date exchange rates and a huge variety of currencies so that not matter where you go you will be set.

3. Tripit. This is an amazing app to keep all your information in one place. Tripit keeps all your flight info, hotel info, and any other reservations in one spot so you have a quick reference. This is great for when someone asks you for your confirmation number, instead of digging through thousands of emails you can just open your Tripit app and there it is.

4. Packpoint. The one thing I HATE about travel is packing. I’m always so worried I am forgetting something, packing too much, too little etc. Packpoint is a great app to help you make sure you have everything you need an nothing more. It has you enter where you’re going and the type of activities  you are doing and then gives you a list to start with that you can ad to. It has really helped me make sure I am not forgetting anything.

5. Tap&Say. This is a great app to have especially in emergency situations. It teaches you how to say phrases in other languages and if you are still having a hard time communicating it will say it for you.

What are your favorite travel apps?

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