Free things to do in NYC


I love New York City… I mean who doesn’t? I grew up going to NYC at least once a year and I was even married there. One thing I don’t love about New York is the cost. It can be pretty expensive which is why I thought I would share my top 5 totally FREE things to do while visiting NYC.

1. See the Statue of Liberty via the State Island Ferry. Obviously one of the biggest attractions in NYC is the Statue of Liberty. It now costs around $20 a piece to get out to the statue. If you’re on a budget consider taking the FREE ferry to Staten Island. The ferry doesn’t stop at the Statue of Liberty, but it does go right past it. You can get an up-close look without having to pay a dime.

2. Walk in one of the great parks. New York has a lot of great parks. Make sure to visit Central Park, Battery Park, and Riverside Park. It’s completely free and you will see some things you can’t find anywhere else.

3. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. This is possibly my favorite thing to do while in NYC. The Brooklyn Bridge is gorgeous and you can walk it day or night and get fantastic views. I love to grab cheesecake from my favorite place and then head to the bridge to walk across and stop at one of the benches to take in the view of NYC with my big slice of cheesecake.

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