Why You Should Visit Vietnam


When we booked our tickets to Vietnam I got asked a lot “Why Vietnam” honestly I didn’t have a reason except why not? Leading up to the trip I would get excited butterflies and then some days I would have nervous butterflies. I read so many reviews on visiting Vietnam and really it was 50/50. People seemed to hate it or love it. I can tell you we loved it. If you love travel, don’t mind trying new things, and want to see some gorgeous sites Vietnam is for you. Here are my top reasons why Vietnam is a must.

1. The Food. I kept hearing how great the food was here. Upon arriving I must say I was nervous. There is a lot of street food and when you’re used to the US it can look intimidating. We quickly got over this quickly though. The whole time we were in Vietnam we didn’t have a single bad meal. The food was so unique from anything we eat at home. It was an adventure every time we went to eat and it was always delicious.

2. The People. The people in Vietnam are incredibly kind and always ready to help. We had heard horror stories of people being rude to American’s and things getting stolen. Even someone we know personally was robbed of all he had in Vietnam weeks before we left for our trip. We were surprised by how kind everyone was. We were extra careful with our things, but we never felt like we even came close to an incident.  We also found that almost everyone we ran into spoke pretty good English. When we were in Sapa we really enjoyed talking to the H’mong. They were so interesting and to hear about their families was heart warming. We really loved the people in Vietnam.

3. The Different Terrain. We started in Saigon and made our way up to Hoi An, Hanoi, Sapa, and ultimately Halong Bay. The difference between each city is astounding. It is almost as though you are in a different countries. Being able to see the hustle and bustle of Vietnam’s busy cities and then getting off the train in Lao Cai and breathing in the fresh mountain air was quite the experience. Many people asked us why we were staying in Vietnam our whole trip why not move on to Cambodia or Thailand and honestly I’m so glad we didn’t. There was WAY to much to see in Vietnam and I’m so grateful we didn’t skip out on one of our destinations for a new country.

7 thoughts on “Why You Should Visit Vietnam

  1. TravelOftenAdventureAlways says:

    You’re going to have a blast! In Saigon we stayed at Cinnamon Hotel Saigon. We really enjoyed it. Very friendly people, clean room, good breakfast. They even gave us a vietnamese lesson when we first arrived and a free foot massage.

    In Hanoi we stayed at the Golden Legend Hotel. It was clean and service was kind but I think if we went back we’d try somewhere else.

    Have so much fun and eat some Green Papaya Salad for me!

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  2. John says:

    Thanks for the Saigon recommendation. We are in Hanoi now awaiting an Indian visa. Having a blast. Enjoyed Halong Bay and next is Hue. Will try to visit Marble Mountain when in Hoi An

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