Must Have Beach Travel Accessories

Friday Morning - Hike to Black Sand Beach

1. Waterproof Container Necklace. These are a must on our beach vacations. They keep our valuables safe while we enjoy the ocean. You can either swim with them so they never leave your side or generally what we do is bury them in the sand. When it’s just Ryan and I at the beach we don’t want to take turns swimming in the ocean we want to explore together. We also don’t want to risk our valuables getting stolen. This is the perfect solution to keeping our credit cards and money safe while being able to swim together and be worry free.
2. Packable Snorkel Set. When we go on a tropical vacation we like to explore the island. We don’t like to go to an all inclusive resort and never leave the property. Instead we go to new beaches every day to really get to know the island. This can mean no amenities on a beach(which we like anyways) so we bring our own snorkel gear and don’t rely on renting. The hard part is this can take up a lot of room in your suitcase. We found a great snorkel set that has compact fins and comes in it’s own bag that can then be used as a beach bag. Having your own snorkel set with you means you can stop the car at any beach you want to check out run out with your gear and see what’s there. We’ve found some excellent snorkeling spots in places we just wanted to quickly “check out”.
3. GoPro. We’ve had our GoPro for about a year now and wow. We LOVE it. Although it might not be something you use every day, it is so worth it when you have those days where you do need it. Having a GoPro at the beach is awesome. If used properly it won’t get sand in it, won’t get damaged by water, and will capture your special memories from your trip. We had so much fun snorkeling with it and can prove to our friends and family we indeed saw a squad** of squid lined up in order smallest to biggest.
**no idea what a group of squid is called and a squad seemed fitting
4. Compact Microfiber Towel. Again we don’t love all inclusive resorts. And that sometimes means our hotels don’t always provide beach towels. Having a small microfiber towel that rolls tight to pack easily and dries fast can be a life saver.
5. Anti Fog Spray. If you are a snorkeler, diver, or just enjoy wearing goggles underwater this is a must. Have you ever been out snorkeling looking at amazing different fish and coral as your mask slowly starts to fog finally to the point where you can’t see? Just thinking about this makes my skin crawl. I can’t stand it! They say to spit in your goggles and while that works for a little while it doesn’t take long before they start to fog again. Anti Fog spray keeps that nasty fog from blocking your view. It is essential for a perfect snorkel trip.

What are your favorite beach accessories?

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