While I was in New Zealand I knew I had to see some Lord of the Rings scenery. We were only on the North Island which limited my options, but still left me with Hobbiton. Only a couple of us from the group wanted to go and we had heard mixed reviews on whether it was worth it. I knew when we had arrived that it was.

New Zealand is gorgeous. The rolling green hills are unlike anything I have seen before. When we arrived at the tour they picked us up in a big bus. The first this they told us was any photos taken were not to be posted anywhere public including social media. This was a bit of a bummer since, who wouldn’t want to show off that they’ve walked where the hobbits walked? After asking about how serious this rule was and being told in depth of a law suit they were in currently going after someone who had posted a photo to Facebook I decided it was not worth it to share the photos. That is why I will not be posting any photos directly from the tour.

When we pulled up to Hobbiton I was so excited to see it was exactly how it looked in the movie… I mean I realize it’s the same place, but it was surreal. Most of the little Hobbit doors didn’t open to an actual room. Some were small and what hobbit doors should be and some where sized so for an average person. Some of the doors were just like the movie and others had been stripped bare for a reason I am unaware of. They told us in depth what it took to make the scenery and shared different fun facts about it.

After taking our time strolling through Hobbiton we hopped back on the bus. To my surprise the next stop was a sheep shearing demonstration. No idea why this was a part of Hobbiton tour, but it was fun to watch. After the demonstration they gave us bottles to feed the baby sheep and we  had a blast.


Finally, we headed back. I would highly recommend this tour to any LTR and/or sheep fan!

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