Going to Disney Land for the First Time EVER, as an Adult


Everyone and I mean everyone loves the Disney Parks. Growing up my family traveled a healthy amount, but I had NEVER been to any Disney Park. It soon became my “Never Have I Ever” go to. As I crept into my 20’s more and more people couldn’t believe I had never been. Well I am here to tell you I FINALLY went this past fall at the ripe age of 24. So if you’re like me and have never been and are going or thinking about going here is my take.

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago we had Six Flags Great America nearby. Which has some huge rides that are terrifying and a blast. My first mistake was having the expectation that Disneyland was the same way. Even though I had never been I could name a couple of rides since everyone talked about them… Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, and the Matterhorn. I had it in my head that these rides were huge and scary. The first ride we went on was Space Mountain. I was really scared getting on. If you’ve ever been or heard about it the ride is pitch black the whole way. I was screaming the entire time because I was so scared of the big drop that was bound to happen and since it was dark I had no idea when it would happen. To my surprise the ride ended without a giant drop. That’s when I realized. These rides are not big. If space mountain was supposed to be the most terrifying ride, and besides the fact that I didn’t know what was going to happen, it wasn’t scary at all. I realized fast that the rides are more about the Disney theme and experience than how fast it can take you or how big of a drop it has. Maybe most people else realize this, but I really had no idea.

Being an adult who enjoys Disney, but not a fanatic, I was impressed with the scenery. They really go all out. The parades are absolutely amazing. Carsland is stunning and was definitely my favorite part. I was a little disappointing in the size of the castle, but everything else made up for it.


Meeting the characters is a little odd at 24, but it was fun. I was impressed with how well they stayed in character. They were quite funny to interact with.

I was really impressed with the food. Not necessarily in Disneyland but if you walked out of the park and went to Downtown Disney you could get great food for a decent price. I also loved the churros and probably bought 10 while we were there. I have to admit I didn’t try the dole whip everyone goes crazy over… I guess I will have to go back.

Now that I’ve said the rides weren’t scary I do have to give a disclaimer about one ride. This was the most scared I think I have ever been in my life. I can generally get myself to do almost anything. Big rides I get nervous on, but never have melt downs. But this one ride in California adventure made me so scared I lost my sanity on it. And it was….. the ferris wheel. Ok now for those of you who haven’t been this isn’t an ordinary ferris wheel. You can get on cages that swing as the ferris wheel turns. They make you feel as though you are going to swing off into the pond. I am very rational. And when I am scared I can think through… ok this is a safe ride otherwise they wouldn’t have it. Not on this ferris wheel. I was terrified. I have never been so terrified. All I can say to those who have not been is DON’T GO ON THE FERRIS WHEEL.

Overall I think a Disney Park is a must for anyone no matter what age. It’s just something you have to experience.

What’s your favorite part about Disneyland/World? Have you been on the terrifying ferris wheel?

2 thoughts on “Going to Disney Land for the First Time EVER, as an Adult

  1. Jenny W-K says:

    I love Disney Parks and pretty much all of the rides, but I don’t think I will ever get on that Ferris Wheel. There is something about it that doesn’t sit right with me, although most people seem to like it. I go on other Ferris Wheels, like I love the one at Navy Pier in Chicago, but the Disneyland one is a no-go for me.

    You’ll have to make the trip to Disney World sometime. It has some of the same rides as Disneyland, and so much more. And there’s no scary Ferris Wheel there. 🙂

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