Travel Planning with Pinterest


Pinterest has been a powerful internet tool that has only popped up in 2010. As an avid lover of Pinterest I have started using it to plan my adventures and here’s how.

1. Organizing potential lodging options. There are so many options on places to stay. When I travel I like to book ahead or at least have an idea of where I would like to stay. Making a board for a specific trip to hold lodging ideas has been a help. I make lodging boards private and I like to make one for each destination. This way if I find an option on Tripadvisor, one on, and one on Booking I can have them all in one spot. Then when I’m ready to book I can go to my board and pick from one of the planned out lodging options.

2. Creating a travel bucket list.


Creating a traveling bucket list is very popular on Pinterest. Just be realistic. Make sure the places you re-pin are places you really want to go instead of just a cool picture of some place you never plan on traveling to. Every year when I start planning my next big trip I always check out my traveling bucket list for inspiration on where to go next.

*You have to be careful many photos are over edited. And some are even fake. Make sure to do some research on any amazing photos you find to make sure it’s not just a fake photo.Here‘s a link of some common fake photos.

**Once I’ve traveled to a country I move the pins from Traveling Bucket List to Places I’ve Loved to keep things organized.

3. Making sure I’m not missing anything on my upcoming trip. This is a big one for me. Nothing is worse than traveling half way around the world to some country and then getting home and seeing a gorgeous picture of something you missed in that country. Wherever I’m going I search for that country and look for gorgeous pictures of locations I must see while there. I used this a lot for my trip to Vietnam and would have missed Sapa and possibly the Marble Mountains without using Pinterest.

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