Attending the US Open


I got the opportunity to attend this years US Open at Chambers Bay. I really don’t know to much about golf but was really excited to go. The US Open is a huge event with almost 40,000 people attending a day. Here are a couple things I learned about attending the Open.

1. Go during the practice rounds. I was able to go once during the practice rounds and once during the tournament. If you can’t decide when to go I would lean towards the practice rounds and here’s why. You can take photos and get autographs. The players are more relaxed and will interact with you. The stands are not full whereas during the tournament you sometimes have to wait an hour or more just to sit and watch. And of course since there’s less people there are less lines overall.

2. Find a hotel near the shuttles not necessarily near the course. In order to get to the Open you had to take a shuttle. Many people booked a hotel within a few miles of the course instead of near the shuttle stations. What happens is then you have to drive away from the course to a shuttle and then shuttle back to the course.

3. Wait to buy your gear for the merchandise tent sale. If you’re going to be around after the Open you can attend the merchandise tent sale where everything is half off. This will save you loads on the souvenirs you may want to purchase.

4. Take a seat and let the players come to you. Golf courses are big and if you want to see a certain player it may be difficult to track them down. I found that if I wanted to find a player it was best to take a seat at a green they haven’t been to yet and wait for them. That way you are able to watch some golf and you’re guaranteed to see your player. Plus it’s a lot of fun to get to know a green and see the similar mistakes the golfers might make at that green.

5. Attend the local events. Surrounding the US Open were all sorts of local events. While in the area make sure to be a tourist and see what the destination has to offer. They are so excited to have the US Open in their home that they want you to make sure you experience all of it. You can expect excellent customer service most places you go. Don’t miss out on getting to know the local community.10734003_10155660701465447_7294700488319978119_n

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