Melakwa Lake


It was one of those gorgeous sunny days where you wake up and know you’ll be going on an adventure. Ryan and I woke up bright and early and tried to figure out what to do. We knew it was going to be hot and sunny so we thought a nice trail to a waterhole would be great. We decided on Denny Creek. We’d been there before and it’s a nice and easy 1.5 mile hike and then a beautiful river that runs over smooth rocks. Perfect place to cool off.

We set off and arrived at the trail-head at about 9am. There weren’t many people yet and the mugginess of the day hadn’t set in yet. When we arrived at 9:45 we took a few photos and ate a few snacks. We then saw a family pass the river and continue on the trail. I hadn’t even realized the trail continues. Just our luck a forest ranger passed by right then and we asked him where it continues.

He told us if we had water we could continue on the trail to Melakwa Lake. He said it was beautiful and worth it if we could handle the elevation. Plus it was only another 3 miles from where we were.

We set off with full water bottles. We saw a beautiful waterfall in the distance and came out of the woods. Luckily we brought sunscreen so we weren’t to worried. We weaved in and out of the forest and through rock fields. The elevation was difficult and I made us stop several times for a little break. Our dog, Cooper, who’s just a small thing was doing great. When we reached about a mile away we noticed our water was low. We didn’t realize how fast we’d been drinking it. We pushed to the end though because we were so close. That last bit of elevation challenged me to the point where I kept thinking we should give up and turn back.

Finally we reached a point where we started going down hill. Which was bitter sweet. I was happy to not be going up, but I knew we’d have to climb right back up on our way back.

When we reached the lake it was a gorgeous sight. We hiked around and found a great boulder field where we dove in to the water to cool off. I was so happy to find out Ryan had packed an abundance of snacks. We sat and snacked and swam.

When we left we knew we needed to get down fast. We hardly had a cup of water left and it was now a little past noon and the sun was out full force. I picked Cooper up and carried him much of the way as he was really tired. We finished our water and I was nervous. I have never been on a challenging hike without water. We reached a stream and I needed water. Ryan warned me not to but I knew I needed it. I took water from the area it was flowing the fastest(thank you naked and afraid for teaching me this tip) and drank. We then weaved our way back to the car. Luckily I never got sick from that water.

It was a challenging hike. I have never been much of a hiker. I will admit that was the hardest one I’ve done. With that being said I would recommend it. The lake at the end was the perfect place to cool down. If I could do it again I would bring more water(duh) and backpack in and stay the night.

What’s the most challenging hike you’ve ever done?

3 thoughts on “Melakwa Lake

  1. Kate says:

    Wow, the lake looks beautiful! So peaceful and serene. The hike sounds tough, continuous ups and downs are tiring. I enjoy the downhills, but like you I’m always thinking “crap, I’ll have to walk up this later” haha. The most difficult hike I’ve done was 20 miles along the Buffalo River Trail in Arkansas. There was A LOT of elevation changes and it was an exhausting 2 days, but definitely worth it! The hard ones always are. Thanks for sharing this beautiful lake 🙂

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