Chicago Style Pizza


How I love Chicago style pizza. I just returned from a trip from my hometown and the taste of butter crust is still lingering in my mouth.

Whenever you meet someone who has lived in Chicago they have a true passion for their favorite place to get Chicago pizza. I won’t bore you with the list of different great places but give you the only one you need to know, the number one, the big cheese… Lou Malnati’s.

Trust me on this. You’re headed to Chicago soon? Don’t trust anyone but Lou’s to make you pizza. Order the house salad to start and choose you favorite dressing. Make sure to get your favorite soda because who doesn’t eat pizza without soda? Also Lou’s gives you a giant cup of it. Then comes the pizza part. Make sure to order the deep dish butter crust. Any toppings will do. My personal favorite is sliced tomato and garlic. While it may be a simple and maybe even odd sounding it is perfection.

Then as you’re walking out the door grab one of their frozen pizza’s and through it in your suitcase. Once you’re home and missing that delicious Chicago pizza you can throw that in the oven and re-live one of the best food experiences of your life.

Which reminds me my to-go pizza is in the oven and ready for me!

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