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Sunset in Oia, Santorini. Here is my version of the sunset shot in Oia. This is a blend of 3 shots, 1.3 to 20 seconds, processed as follows: 1) Reduce noice on all 3 raws. 2) Create HRD in Photomatix 3) Blend using Exposure Fusion, sliders set to produce the most natural looking image while still showing some detail in the very dark areas. 4) PS smart sharpen. 5) PS burn the bottom 6) Nik Brilliance and warming 7) Nik Indian summer to warm th elights, masked to not affect the rest. 8) Nik sunlight, brushed over the buildings to add more light 9) Nik Glamour Glow to remove detail in the dark areas. 10) Detailed curves lightening pn windmills. 11) Dodge buildings that were too dark.

Tomorrow is my golden birthday where I am turning the big 2-5 on August 25th. Since I was young I have been looking forward to this. While most people have no idea what I am talking about when I say I am celebrating my golden birthday I have been quick to inform them. I love birthdays!

Anyways to make this one extra special I planned a trip for Ryan and I. We are going to London, Athens, Meteora, Paros, Santorini, and Paris. I am looking for any last minute tips or advice especially dealing with Greece’s economic crises. We head out this Friday and I couldn’t be more excited!

11 thoughts on “Upcoming Trip Advice

  1. bestregardsfromfar says:

    Sounds like a great birthday present!! Santorini is fantastic but way too touristy. Wake up early and if you are a runner, run in Thira: magical!! You’ll have the place to yourself. Oia is beautiful. Checking out the caldera, a must.
    Paris: Le Marais is the nicest area. Make sure to walk there, check out stores, and find a nice restaurant (Les gars dans la cuisine would be perfect for a birthday dinner!). Have a blast!!

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  2. Dave Does The Travel Thing says:

    Sounds like a great trip. I wouldn’t worry about Greece, I was in Athens for a week in 2013 and it was fine, and by all accounts i’ve heard it’s still ok for tourists. Maybe worth getting some euro’s you before you get there and double checking whether places are still open, I know some of the museums etc have had to have restricted opening times as they couldn’t pay their staff. Recommend heading to the Acropolis early morning, not only to avoid some of the crowds but also I went end of August and it was boiling even at 8:30am!

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  3. thecasualdreamerr says:

    Honestly this is the best birthday gift! I need something like this later on. Anyways, I have only been to Paris and London and all I can say is take your time and take it all in. Each city is so vast and great that if you go everywhere else, you might not get to experience it all. I don’t know long you’re trip is, but Paris needs a minimum of 2 nights just for the basics. Also, if you’re going to Paris, do a day excursion trip to Versailles. It’s 45min away and it is marvellous! I’m honestly so excited for you! Have a safe trip 🙂

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