Trauma Abroad


For the most part I am a person who doesn’t get hurt, sick, or have major accidents. When I was little I broke a lot of bones but that was all before the age of 8 and since then I have been pretty accident free… until this vacation.

We just returned from an amazing trip visiting London, Paris, and Greece. While I will cover our locations in detail later one of the places we spent time was the well known Greek island of Santorini. On the Greek isles it is common to rent an ATV to get around and we loved that idea. We both have experience riding and had no worry.

The drivers in Santorini were aggressive but nothing we hadn’t seen before. We stayed cautious and had no problems until our last full day there. I have to admit, I have amnesia and cannot remember a single moment an hour before our incident until 3 hours later. The story of what happened has been told to me and here’s how it goes…

We decided to visit Red Beach and it was crowded. The last thing I remember is swimming. Apparently we decided to leave not to long after arriving. We wanted to go back to our pool and hang out there instead of the overcrowded beach. We were driving back when we started to run out of gas. Ryan was driving and I was on back. He slowed down and had his left blinker on to turn into the gas station. The coast was clear and so he started turning left when the van behind us decided he wanted to pass and instead of passing us hit our ATV… hard. Ryan and I were thrown off as the ATV rolled and skidded upside down. Pedestrians saw and ran to us. I apparently was knocked out but woke immediately. People walked Ryan and I to the gas station sat us down and started washing our wounds while the ambulance came. We rode to the emergency room where we spent the rest of the day. Ryan had to get stitches in his elbow and bruised his back pretty good. I was in shock and possibly had a concussion and asked Ryan the same questions over and over for 3 hours. Apparently my number one question was “Did we already go to Harry Potter Studios”. I also had major road rash on my leg and then random places all over my body.

The Greek hospital was a little scary. There was blood splatter on the wall next to me as well as on the sheet hanging by my feet. They wouldn’t give me bandages in order to let my wounds dry. We’d see the doctor wander in every 30 minutes or so and then be off again.

After 8 hours the doctor said we could leave but to be careful. I was finally feeling more myself and he felt I was ok. We went to call a taxi but reception said they wouldn’t come since we were so close to our apartment. So in our bloody and ripped bathing suits and cover ups we had to walk 20 minutes. We got a lot of stares and looking back it’s quite comical.

Since then we have been recovering. Road rash hurts way more than it should. My head seems to be completely back and Ryan’s stitches are doing well. Any time you’re in an accident it is terrifying, but being thousands of miles away from home intensifies that fear. I am so grateful Ryan and I are ok. The driver who hit us was extremely apologetic and made sure to pay for the totaled ATV. This did not kill our travel bug… thank goodness! I am sure once we are completely recovered we will be on our next adventure.

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