TSA Pre-Check update

A few months ago I explained how I got TSA Pre-Check and promised an update, so here it is:

Since obtaining my Known Travel Number(KTN) in July I have flown on 12 flights. TSA Pre-Check has been completely worth it! Several times it has cut down my wait in the security line by 10 minutes or more. Being able to keep your shoes on, liquids in your bag, and a light jacket on makes going through security a lot less stressful. 

 When I was flying out of Austin I was concerned by the fact they had no specific line for TSA Pre-Check. Why did I pay $85 of I couldn’t use it everywhere I went. Luckily when I showed my pass to TSA they handed me a card. I still went through the line with everyone else but I got to keep my shoes on and all the other small rules I get to ignore. 
The $85 might seem steep, but it lasts 5 years. If you fly several times a year I would seriously consider it. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are traveling with someone they cannot come with you in the Pre-Check line unless they have it as well. They are very strict about this. You also have to make sure in order to use your Pre-Check status that your KTN has been entered when you purchase your ticket. Or you can enter it into your airline account information to have it automatically be added when you purchase a ticket.

Overall, I love TSA Pre-Check and highly recommend it!

Have any questions? Ask in the comments!

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