Visiting Paros, Greece


Just thinking about Paros makes me smile. It was one of those destinations I didn’t know what to expect and left wishing I had more time.

While planning our trip to Greece we knew we wanted to see Santorini, but also another Greek Island. They all looked amazing and after loads of research it was still hard to choose. We finally landed on the island of Paros and I’m glad we did.

We bought our ferry tickets using Danae Travel when we arrived in Athens. It was quick, simple, and they helped us pick what kind of seats we wanted and gave us all the information we needed. We purchased the tickets a few days before leaving and it worked out great. Many people suggest purchasing your tickets the day of, but we found Pireaus Port to be a little overwhelming so we were glad we didn’t have to track down tickets.

Once you have your ticket you find the dock your ferry is assigned to. The docks are well labeled so we had no issue. Once you find your boat you literally just walk on. The ferry rides are laid back and usually are a couple of hours. Paros was the first stop on our ferry and when they made the announcement we made our way down to the garage. You then stand and wait next to all the cars while the ferry spins and a loud alarm sounds as the back door starts to descend. It is quite the experience!

We were picked up by our hotel Heliolithos Blue and transferred to our room. Heliolithos was the perfect choice. It was only about $50 USD a night, but felt like a luxury hotel. We had a sweeping view of the bay from our patio. The rooms were clean and well decorated with comfortable beds. I would recommend it to anyone headed to Paros!


To get around the island you do need to rent a vehicle. We chose a quad and had a blast driving it around. We would drive it from beach to beach and often we were the only ones there. If you have read my previous posts we were in a serious quad accident but that was on the island of Santorini. We felt much more safe driving in Paros although while driving in Parikia the traffic can pick up.

The water was more clear and more warm than I have ever seen ocean water. The pictures you see of Greek water is true to real life. I didn’t see much sea-life, but I also didn’t have my snorkle gear so I may have just been missing it.


Many places on Paros were cash only so I would recommend you have a sufficient amount when you go. We did use an ATM while there and it was perfectly fine.

Paros is the perfect island to relax and take in the Greek Island culture. It is rare that I really crave to go back to a certain place since I am always wanting somthing new, but Paros is one of those places I would love to head back to.

If you’re planning to head to the Greek Isles go to Paros, you will not regret it!

3 thoughts on “Visiting Paros, Greece

  1. Denise 5 says:

    Hello, planning my Greece trip now. We are hitting Santorini first for 5 days then on to Paros, how many days do you think we should spend there? We have up to 5. Also, would we take the ferry from Santorini to Paros or fly? Thank you for any tips on this trip. We are going in May. My husband and I.

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  2. TravelOftenAdventureAlways says:

    Oh you’re going to have a blast!! We spent 3 days in Paros and could have spent another day or two. I think anywhere between 3-5 would be perfect.

    As far as getting to Paros, take a ferry. It’s not too far of a ride from Santorini, and then if you’re headed to Athens after that it’s usually a non stop from Paros.

    Have fun! Let me know if you have any other questions


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