One day in Athens


One day is not a lot but sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. We only had one day in Athens but we felt we got to see a lot of it. While I would have loved to spend more time in this historic city it doesn’t always work out that way. So here are our top 5 favorite things we did with only one day to spend in Athens, Greece.

  1. The Acropolis 12068628_10156039071330447_6556141187237423241_oThis is an obvious one. It is a must when coming to Athens. Make sure to get there early to beat the crowds. Bring sunscreen and consider bringing something to shade yourself because it is hot and unprotected from the sun. It is absolutely stunning to see something so ancient and along with the sights of the Parthenon you also get sweeping views of Athens! 12045786_10156039071580447_7797879859922279306_o
  2. Panathenaic Stadium – Although we didn’t go inside walking around this stadium was a highlight. The only reason we were sad to not have paid to go in was because they had the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place podiums we would have loved to get pictures on. Make sure to walk across the street as well to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous park and Olympic city built for the 2004 Olympics.
  3. Parliament Building 12140866_10156039075000447_1749753852639471413_o Outside the building is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Intimidating men stand guard. You can grab a picture next to them while they don’t even flinch. I was too scared, but Ryan hopped right up there. Notice the bayonet on the end of the gun!
  4. Temple of Olympian Zeus 12080162_10156039076110447_553387912001826933_o Greece is all about the history. This is another ancient site. It has gorgeous ruins of an old temple. We hit this spot right about sunset and it was stunning.
  5. Adrianou Street – This is a great place to get some shopping done or grab a bite to eat. It is a happening street with lot’s of Greek food, gelato, and Greek shops. You can save this for last as it is hopping during the late hours of the day.

Overall we loved Athens and would welcome the opportunity to go back. While I wouldn’t haven taken any time away from our other destinations I would have loved to spend an extra day or two in Athens, but there’s always next time!

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