Visiting Santorini


Ok, I have to be honest, while Santorini is absolutely gorgeous it wasn’t all that I’d hoped it to be. But maybe that’s on me for not doing more research and it could partially have to do with the fact that we had to spend a day in the hospital. Anyways here’s what I thought of Santorini:

  1. Gorgeous Views. The veiws absolutely live up to expectations. Looking over the Caldera is a stunning shot. It is unbelievable how tiny the cruise ships and ferry’s look from the top. The sunset’s will take your breath away.
  2. Amazing Greek Architecture. Not only looking over the Caldera is gorgeous but also the architecture. The white dome buildings hang on the cliff. I don’t know much about architecture but it had to take some amazing planning to build a city on the side of a cliff. Night time is especially beautiful with the white buildings lit up.
  3. Not So Amazing Beaches. Having just come from Paros where the beaches were many and the tourists were few Santorini’s beaches just didn’t live up to par. Because of the caldera there are only beaches on the East side of the island. They were mostly rocky and wavy and the only good beaches had hundreds of tourists.
  4. Superb Food. There are so many restaurants to choose from and the Greeks know how to cook. The meals were amazing and just thinking about the food is making me hungry. And of course most restaurants have an amazing view for your to look at while waiting for food.
  5. Tourists, Tourists Everywhere. Everyone wants to visit Santorini. It is absolutely stunning with perfect weather, but it can be crowded. We were here in September and I don’t even want to imagine what July and August must be like. Like I mentioned the best beaches are over crowded, the roads are dangerous, and everywhere you walk there are more people. Some people don’t mind this and while I think Santorini is worth a quick visit it’s to many people for me.

Have you been to Santorini? What were your thoughts on the island?


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