Beach Vacation Packing Tips


Who doesn’t love a beach vacation? No matter what beach you’re headed to there are a few things you can pack to make your trip even better. Below are my beach musts with links to the items I use or similar.

  1. Waterproof pouch – This is especially important if you are traveling alone or as a couple. When you go to the beach no matter where you are a lot of the time you don’t want to leave your valuables on the beach while you swim. Using a waterproof pouch you can either bring it with you while you swim or bury it in the sand(always put a marker over the spot) to keep your valuables hidden and safe, but still accessible.
  2. Pack-able snorkeling gear – If you’re like me snorkeling is necessary when going to the beach. I try and snorkel at every beach I go to so renting isn’t usually feasible. Instead I have a snorkeling kit that doesn’t take too much space in my luggage. The only thing I am not a huge fan of are the half sized fins. I just don’t feel like they give you much more power than your bare feet.
  3. Snacks – Many beach destinations, especially islands, have a high price tag on food. I like to pack granola bars and other easy on the go snacks to bring. This way when we head to the beach we can throw a couple things in our bag and not worry about hunger shortening our time in the sand.
  4. Travel Towel – If you are trying to pack light a travel towel is a great accessory. They’re small and don’t take up much room in the suitcase and they dry really fast.
  5. Sarong – If you do go with the travel towel option I suggest you also bring a sarong to sit on the sand with. The travel towel is small and will dry you off well but as far as laying in the sand won’t do much good. Sarongs are really light material and pack far better than a beach towel. You can lay these out and have good protection from the sand but not a heavy wet dirty towel to have to deal with. Of course you can also wear it for a bathing suit cover up.
  6. GoPro – I love my GoPro especially for underwater footage. I’ve been able to get great shots of sea life as well as my husband and I swimming through the ocean. If you are a diver and want to take it deep make sure to get a red lens filter to get the perfect shot. GoPro’s are also best at the beach because you don’t have to worry about sand ruining them. Just make sure to keep it in it’s waterproof case. DCIM104GOPRO

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