Fun in Texas

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 10.24.03 AM.jpgTexas has quickly become a yearly tradition in my life. It took me a long time to visit Texas other than layovers in DFW. When I finally spent some time there for a business trip to Austin I knew I had to go back. Now I’ve been back twice and plan to go again. Here are my favorite parts about Texas. By the way, I do realize Texas is huge and I have only gotten familiar with a small portion of it.

  1. BSR Cable Park – As soon as I saw a video of the slides at this water park I knew I needed to go. This park is not your typical water park. They are expanding but the last time I was there they have a cable run for wake boarding, a giant lazy river and the slides. These slides are not your typical slides. They all line up next to each other and are a straight drop with varying degrees of angles to launch you in the air at the end. I’ve found if you visit the park late September or October on a Friday you will mostly have the slides to yourself since school is back in. Ryan and I spent HOURS here going down the slides. They are such a thrill and you can’t help but to laugh every time you go down.
    BSR Cable Park is located in Waco which means if you’re a Fixer Upper fan you’ll be happy to know Magnolia is not far from the park at all. We usually end up spending a hole day in Waco to walk around Magnolia, driving to see the different houses and of course do BSR.
  2. San Antonio River Walk -I love visiting San Antonio and doing the River Walk. There are plenty of places to eat, shop and you can even ride a boat on the river if you prefer. The Alamo is not far at all so you can even take a historic diversion. 
    One of my favorite parts, and something not to be missed, is Paleteria San Antonio.They have the most delicious ice pops made with fun and unique flavors. Last time I was in San Antonio, it was HOT, so my avocado strawberry popsicle was a real treat.
  3. Austin – We tend to stay in Austin when visiting Texas because it’s right in between Waco and San Antonio. Austin is also full of delicious food and fun shops. We make sure to spend time here wandering the fun shops on South Congress and visiting the states capitol right in downtown Austin.IMG_4162
  4. Torchy’s Tacos – Texas has a lot of great food and some honorable mentions are Rudy’s, the Salt Lick, Taco Deli, but my favorite spot is Torchy’s. They serve up some of the best taco’s I’ve ever had. I love their great selection of vegetarian tacos and their breakfast tacos are something I crave no matter what time of day it is. Torchy’s can be found in multiple spots throughout the state so don’t miss out on trying this devilishly good spot.
  5. Bucky’s – Since we’re driving a lot while in Texas we always pass a Bucky’s. One thing Ryan and I love is trying new snacks on a road trip. When we came across this beyond giant convenient store filled with snacks we were ecstatic. This might sound ridiculous but you must visit this gas station/convenient store while driving around in Texas. To give you an idea of how big it is we were at a gas pump labeled number 200 something.
  6. Comal River Tube Chute – This is something I stumbled upon during a girls trip with my sisters and mom. We were hot driving back from San Antonio when we saw the signs for the tube chute. We thought, what the heck? Rented a tube and checked it out. Comal River runs through New Braunfels where it meets a dam. Instead of having tube riders get out and walk around the dam they built a slide in to the side of it. I thought this would be a casual ride, it is not. It starts slow and builds until you are flying down this chute and eventually are shot out in rough waters that often cause you to flip off your tube. It’s a blast!

I’ve really fallen in love with Texas and it’s now my go to weekend trip during the fall. I’m hoping to get back there this year! What are you favorite things to do in Texas?

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