Two Days in Paris


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told Paris was a disappointment. I’d heard it was stinky, over crowded, dirty and other negative connotations, but I think they were all wrong. I went not expecting much after hearing so many negative reviews, but I left Paris wanting more. I thought it was gorgeous, easy to get around, and a great atmosphere.

We only had two days in Paris and this was right after our accident in Greece so we weren’t quite going at 100%. Because of this we did a lot of the touristy attractions and tours to get around easier.

On the first day we took L’Open Bus Tour so we could get around the major sites and ┬áhop off and hop back on when we were done. There were so many buses we never had to wait long to get back on. During the ride there was great commentary and you could sit on top, out in the sun, and gaze at the stunning architecture all around Paris.

We made sure to make a stop at the Eiffel Tower which was of course beautiful. We wanted to take the elevators to the top but the line was so long we decided to take the stairs. Now had we not been in an accident this would have been a great choice, but it was a little hard with our injuries to get to the different levels of the tower. You can pay to go to the first and second level and then you have to pay more to go all the way to the top. We only went to the second level. We felt we were high enough there and could see all of Paris.


Throughout the day we ate plenty of baguettes and macaroons and man were they delicious!

Our second day in Paris we were planning on going to Versailles, but we were both hurting from pushing ourselves so hard the first day that we decided to sleep in. Once we got up we walked over to Notre Dame to admire the amazing architecture. We then hopped on a river cruise and got to see all the major Paris sights from the water. When we finished the cruise we walked the streets of Paris trying to take in as much as we could. We were delighted to see that even though they took the locks off the love lock bridge there were still plenty of bridges with love locks all over them.


Our days in Paris were really different from our normal travel style. We love to be on the go and having been just two days after our accident in Greece we just couldn’t push ourselves. I feel we just got a little taste of Paris but we can’t wait to go back.

Just Bought Tickets to Paris!


I love to travel. I live to travel. But I have NEVER been to Paris. I feel like you can’t say you’re a traveler unless you’ve been to Paris. I mean everyone’s been there! Except for me… well I’m going now! I will be spending a few weeks in Paris, Greece, and one more destination that hasn’t been decided yet.

So all you travelers out there…. what do I need to know about visiting Paris?