Marble Mountains


I had really done my research on Vietnam. Especially Hoi An. I couldn’t wait to visit this city. I had heard briefly about the Marble Mountains, but not enough to make me think I had to go.

After a few days in Hoi An we decided we wanted to see something outside the city so we hired a driver to take us to the Marble Mountains. I am so glad we did, this turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the trip.

When you first pull up any driver or tour is going to drop you off at a marble store. The workers will then make you promise you will come back and buy from them. You can if you want, but we saw a lot of cheaper marble items in the airport of all places.

Then you can either take the elevator or the stairs up the mountain. We opted for the stairs and made the trek up. When you get to the top you first find a huge white marble Buddha and a few beautiful structures. We walked around admiring the view when a guy came and grabbed us and was motioning us to follow him. At first I was hesitant, but then we followed and he took us behind one of the buildings into a cave where there were smaller caves and beautiful Buddha carvings.It was one of those moments I just thought “This is why I travel”.

The guy who showed us was a little pestering. He kept saying picture? picture? picture? It took me a little while to realize he wanted to take a photo of us so we would pay him. It took away from the atmosphere, but he didn’t ruin it.

We were wandering the exquisite caves and structures until dark. You can even hike to the tip top. I would say give yourself  few hours here and really explore or you may miss a cave or a view.

I was shocked at how little people talked about the Marble Mountains. I personally think they are a must if visiting the Hoi An Da Nang area.

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