Visiting Hoi An and Danang

When planning our trip to Vietnam I heard over and over again that we had to go to Hoi An while there. I made sure to make time for this location, but found there were a few tips I wish I had clarity on. I want to share those tips with you.
1. If you want to get to Hoi An you most likely will have to go through Danang. Danang has an airport and a train station whereas Hoi An does not. It’s about a 45 minute drive to Hoi An from Danang. There are taxi’s that will take you, but make sure to establish a price before getting into the car. Don’t pay more than $22 US Dollars. If you’ve made hotel arrangements already most hotels have a pick up service that will make getting in smooth.
2. Spend some time in Danang. While planning my trip no one gave Danang the time of day. I wish we had more time to explore Danang after seeing it! They have a gorgeous dragon bridge that every Saturday night at 9pm blows fire! They have a GIANT ferris wheel, a gorgeous beach, and some highly reviewed restaurants. I would make sure to spend a few hours exploring Danang. It has some cool treasures.
3. The Beach and Hoi An are not as close as you might think. Hoi An is kind of sold as a beach town. It is not. Hoi An sits on a river and isn’t too far from the beach, but don’t expect to walk to the beach from downtown. You can definitely do it on a bike, but it may take you an hour or two to walk. Try and find a hotel with free bikes to rent. This way you can get to wherever you need to go.
4. Make sure to get custom clothing made! This was a really fun and unique experience we had while visiting Vietnam. We went to Bibi Silk in Hoi An. I was a little nervous getting clothes made. I didn’t know how it worked or what to do. When we walked in they handed us bottled water and a book of clothing. They gave us a few minutes and then we showed them what we liked either in the book or pictures from our phone. They then took our measurements and sent us on our way. It took a few fittings, but our clothes we done in less than 48 hours. It was very reasonably priced! If we would have had more room in our luggage we would have gotten a lot more made.
5. Go to the Marble Mountains. As you drive to Hoi An from Danang you will see mountains that seem to be in an odd place. The landscape is seemingly flat and then all of the sudden these mountains shoot out of the ground. I hadn’t heard much about these, but we decided to go and check them out. I am so glad we did. You climb a staircase up to the top and you will find pagodas, giant statues, and caves. Make sure to look around and follow all the different paths. This was one of those places I had that feeling of “Wow… this is why I travel”

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