Visiting Tacoma Washington


This post has been a long time coming. I currently spend a lot of time in the beautiful city of Tacoma. I work for the Visitors Bureau here and have really fell in love. Tacoma is often overshadowed by Seattle, but really is a destination of it’s own. Here are my top reasons why you should make time to visit Tacoma.

1. The Restaurants. Tacoma has some awesome restaurants. You won’t find too many of those big chains everyone is sick of eating at. There’s everything from food trucks to fancy restaurants on the water. No matter what your budget is you will find delicious food. I would list all my favorite restaurants, but there’s a lot… so I will make a post dedicated to the restaurants in Tacoma.

2. The Museums. Tacoma has a huge amount of museums and they’re all great. There’s the LeMay-America’s Car Museum, The Museum of Glass, The Washington State History Museum, The Children’s Museum, Foss Waterway Seaport Museum, the Karpeles Musem, just to name a few. One of the best things about them is most of them are within walking distance of each other!

3. The Transportation. Tacoma’s transportation is awesome. They have a huge bus system that can get you anywhere you need to go. They have an amtrak station and a sounder station(a train that takes you to Seattle). The best part is the Link Lite Rail which is a FREE yes a FREE little train that stops in several locations downtown. Oh and the parking next to the lite rail is FREE. Unheard of right???

4.  The Districts. Tacoma is split into several districts. Each district is known for something different and they are all adorable. My personal favorite is Stadium District. Stadium High School is located here and was the location for filming 10 things I hate about you. It also has Shake Shake Shake an amazing little diner with excellent, you guessed it, shakes!

5. The Outdoors.Tacoma is the place to be if you enjoy nice walks. Point Defiance Park is the most well known walking area in Tacoma. There’s a rose garden, beaches, and even a zoo! Tacoma also has Ruston way where there is a perfect walking path along the water. Although it can rain a lot in Tacoma for the most part our weather is great. This winter the average temperature has been around 60 degrees. In the summers it gets warm but not too hot.

Have you been to Tacoma?

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