Night Dive with SHARKS


One of my favorite things to tell people is that I have been night diving with sharks. I mean how adventurous is that!? Ok ok ok so maybe everyone I know knows this and I’ve reminded them on several occasions, but come on it’s so cool! So I am here to tell the story of when I got to scuba dive with sharks… at night…

I got the opportunity to go on a study abroad my junior year of college. For this I had to get my scuba license. Our first stop on the study abroad was Cairns(pronounced like cans) Australia. We for the most part lived in tents, but for one night we got to sleep on a dive boat.

We had dived all day at different locations and I have to say this was my favorite area to be diving. There are some amazing things to see at the Great Barrier Reef. Anyways that evening they told us we could dive at night and there would be sharks. I knew this was a once in a life time opportunity and even though I was exhausted from a day of diving I suited back up.

Looking down into the water you could actually see the sharks circling the boats light. I wasn’t nervous until I saw this. I asked the dive master how safe this was and he said “No one’s been hurt….. yet”. I made the decision that this will be a really cool experience and a really awesome death if it came to that.

I wouldn’t jump in first, but followed the others in my group. Once in we dove down to the coral. The sharks just circling above. Their eyes would glow if you pointed your flashlight at them.

The sharks weren’t the only cool thing about this dive though. It was also the fish that followed us. They were these big fish with flat faces(I wish I remembered what kind) that had learned to hunt off of divers flashlights. Not only were the sharks unnerving, but looking behind you to see 10-20 of these big fish just following you was quite scary. Sometimes they would even bump into you or shoot in front of you to eat the fish in your light.

That is a dive I will never forget. I can’t put enough emphasis on the fact that if you ever find yourself in Cairns GO ON A NIGHT DIVE. And don’t you dare visit Cairns without obtaining your scuba license first.

4 thoughts on “Night Dive with SHARKS

  1. Rory Alexander Photography says:

    Hey Lisa,
    Great blog and I recently did my first ever night dive in the Maldives also with lots of sharks and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a little frenetic as we entered the water and tried to stay with our diveguide and cope with the current. Once we reached the spot though we secured our reef hooks and just watched the show unfold around us. Also a dive I will never forget. As one of the other divers remarked, it looked like something out of a navy seals video with all our torch lights flashing around. You can see some of the action on my video here –

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      • Rory Alexander Photography says:

        Thanks Lisa.
        The Maldives was fantastic. I have only dived in the Similan Islands in Thailand, here in Cape Town but so far the Maldives has been the best in terms of diversity and sightings.
        Did a seven day liveaboard trip where all you do is dive, eat and sleep. The next place I want to go is Micronesia and Palau or the Galapagos but need to save up for a bit 😉

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